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Reiki Therapy in Northampton.

Quick Fix or Long Term Results?

When we decide to commit ourselves to long term results rather than a quick fix “that will do for now I’ll deal with it later” but often we never do. We owe it to ourselves to take time out of our busy schedules and ask ourselves what is it we want out of life? Let’s face it we plod along, we put up, we shut up, we say yes when we mean no, we complain, we feel life is passing us by.

However, we do not have to just accept our lot we have choices – yes choices! who is in control of our lives? We are! Most people rely on others to get them through a relationship but what if you took a step back and looked at the relationship from an outside view. What do you see?

The first step is to love you! I cannot stress the importance of this comment. If we do not feel love for ourselves how can we love others?  Do you seek approval from other people about your life? Is there something you want in life but do not feel worthy enough to have it?

Reiki Therapy “Energy”

So many people all over the world are suffering from illness that the medical profession cannot understand. They see our bodies as purely physical form. But we are not just physical to the naked eye we are energy. It is scientifically proven that every living creation is made up of electromagnetic energy which vibrates at different frequencies. Energy flows through our bodies to maintain our health and wellbeing physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually.

Having worked for several years as an energy healer I can detect these energy vibrations and determine their frequency.
I know Intuitively when there are blockages in your energy field. Having a block or blockages in your energy field is stopping the natural flow of your energy throughout your body. Healing in time clears these blockages restoring your body back to its own natural healing mechanism.

I see results every day in my practice and this is because I get to the Root of the problem once this is established we can begin to start the healing process.

Blockages can lead to physical health problems, emotional trauma, stress, anxiety and so much more.

When should we visit a healer for Reiki Therapy?

There are many situations where you may feel you should seek out a healer.

Reiki can be especially helpful for those who may be feeling disconnected, isolated or overwhelmed. Reiki energy can help to bring about a sense of peace and centeredness helping you feel better able to cope with many challenges.

Promoting a sense of wellbeing many find reiki encourages and supports positive lifestyle choices.

Addictions, Weight issues, Anorexia. Bulimia, OCD, Relationships, Trauma. Grief, Abuse, Pain relief, Fibromyalgia. Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Migraines.
Sleep Issues, Ungrounded, Lacking in Concentration. Foggy, Low in energy, Confidence issues, Self-Sabotage. Strengthens the Immune System. Self Awareness. Control issues.

If you are seeking a calm and relaxation session with no other issues that you are aware of then reiki is a beautiful calming therapy to indulge in.

However, if you are experiencing issues such as anxiety, grief, depression, illness, low self-worth, relationship issues and more reiki is going to be a process.

When is the best time to visit a spiritual medium healer?

Visiting a healer is a beautiful experience you feel an immense sense of calm and peace.  Even if you feel well, visiting a healer can only enhance your health and wellbeing in many aspects. Don’t wait for issues to build up, to the extent where you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually drained.

If you have healing sessions regularly you will prevent this from happening. We clean our houses and cars regularly we should be doing the same for our bodies.

Accepting: Reiki energy!

I understand it can be hard to believe in something we cannot see but we accept many things in life we cannot see the internet, mobile phones, gravity, wind, electricity.

Energy has been studied for years in Japan, China, and India, with amazing results.

Here too in the UK and many other countries doctors are accepting reiki healers into their hospitals for patients and their families.

Please do not stop taking any medications you are prescribed whilst receiving your therapies unless your doctor agrees.